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Top 5 Career Guidance Experts to Follow on Social Media

In today’s digital age, social media has become a powerful tool for career guidance. It provides a platform for experts to share their insights and advice, helping students and professionals alike navigate their career paths. This blog post will introduce you to some of the top career guidance experts you should be following on social media.

Sho Dewan

Sho Dewan, the founder of Workhap, is a career coach who has made a significant impact in the lives of professionals seeking to navigate the corporate world. His approach to career coaching is holistic, focusing not just on landing a job but also on personal development and overcoming limiting beliefs. Testimonials from clients reveal that his program can lead to transformative career changes, such as moving from teaching to operations management, by instilling confidence and providing the necessary tools and skills.

Dewan’s expertise is not limited to coaching; he also offers courses and writes articles on topics like salary negotiation, resume building, and job search myths. These resources are essential for anyone looking to advance their career. His social media platforms are filled with practical advice and motivational content, making him a must-follow for professionals at all stages of their careers.

In addition to his coaching and content creation, Dewan is also a sought-after speaker at career development events. His presentations are known for their engaging style and actionable advice, further solidifying his reputation as a top career guidance expert.

Sam DeMase

Sam DeMase is a career coach and self-advocacy expert who has built a substantial online following by helping women navigate the corporate system and command their value in the job market. With over 650,000 followers on social media, DeMase has created a community where she shares career tools and advice that have been recognized internationally.

Her digital career tools have been purchased globally, and her work has been featured in major media outlets. DeMase’s experience includes 13+ years in People Operations, and she has built training teams for multi-million-dollar corporations. This wealth of practical experience backs her inspirational advice, making her a trusted voice in the field of career guidance.

DeMase’s social media platforms are not just about career advice; they also serve as a space for empowerment and community building. She regularly hosts live sessions and Q&As, providing direct interaction with her followers. This level of engagement makes her one of the top career guidance experts to follow.

Jerry Lee

Jerry Lee, the co-founder of Wonsulting, is a career guidance expert who specializes in LinkedIn resumes and networking strategies. His advice is particularly valuable for those looking to leverage LinkedIn to advance their careers. Lee’s insights on job searching and following good managers are based on his own experiences, including his time at Google where he saw significant career growth under effective leadership.

By sharing his resume templates and job search strategies, Lee provides practical tools for professionals to reflect on their accomplishments and stay updated on industry expectations. His social media platforms are a treasure trove of advice on how to make the most of LinkedIn, from optimizing your profile to networking effectively.

Lee’s work extends beyond his social media platforms. He also co-founded Wonsulting, a company that aims to turn underdogs into winners in the job market. His commitment to helping others achieve their career goals makes him a must-follow career guidance expert.

Erin McGoff

Erin McGoff is a film director, content creator, and founder of Grey Films who has turned her storytelling skills into career guidance for others. With a background in documentary filmmaking and a passion for making a positive impact, McGoff has used her platform to offer career advice, especially to veterans and military spouses.

Her work has been recognized with awards and featured in major publications, and she has gained popularity on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram for her career-related content. McGoff’s unique approach to career guidance, combining storytelling with practical advice, sets her apart from other experts in the field.

In addition to her social media content, McGoff also offers resources and services through Grey Films. These include career coaching, resume reviews, and personal branding consultations. Her comprehensive approach to career guidance makes her a top expert to follow.

Dr. Anil Khare

Dr. Anil Khare is a globally recognized career counselor known for his innovative counseling approaches and techniques. His methodologies integrate psychological theories, industry insights, and cutting-edge tools to provide holistic guidance. He is particularly noted for his personalized approach to career counseling, which involves identifying individual strengths, overcoming limitations, and uncovering opportunities that align with a person’s aspirations.

Dr. Khare’s contributions to the field of career counseling have earned him widespread recognition. He has received numerous awards, garnered significant media coverage, and collaborated with renowned organizations. His clientele spans across India, Europe, Canada, the UK, and the USA, further solidifying his reputation as a top career counselor.

Looking towards the future, Dr. Khare is committed to continuous learning, embracing technology, and expanding his reach to impact even more lives. His vision for the future of career counseling reflects his dedication to his clients and his passion for helping individuals navigate their career paths.

How to Leverage Social Media for Career Guidance

Following these career guidance experts on social media is just the first step. To truly benefit from their advice, you need to actively engage with their content. Here are a few tips on how to do this:

Participate in Discussions

One of the most effective ways to leverage social media for career guidance is by actively participating in discussions. Engaging in the comments section of posts by career guidance experts can lead to meaningful conversations and even networking opportunities. This is not just about asking questions or sharing your thoughts, but also about interacting with other followers. You can learn from their experiences, gain different perspectives, and even make connections that could open up new career opportunities.

Moreover, your active participation can also catch the attention of the experts themselves. They may respond to your comments or questions, providing you with personalized advice. This direct interaction with career guidance experts can be incredibly valuable, offering insights tailored to your specific situation or goals.

Share Relevant Content

Sharing relevant content is another way to leverage social media for career guidance. If you find a post or article particularly helpful, don’t hesitate to share it with your network. This not only helps your peers but also increases the visibility of the expert’s content. By sharing their content, you’re helping to spread their insights and advice to a wider audience, which can lead to more people benefiting from their expertise.

Sharing content also helps you build your personal brand on social media. It shows that you’re engaged with your industry and committed to continuous learning and development. This can make a positive impression on potential employers or collaborators who view your social media profiles.

Apply the Advice

The most important way to leverage social media for career guidance is to apply the advice given. Whether it’s tips on resume writing, networking, or personal development, make sure to put these insights into practice. Reading and understanding the advice is just the first step; the real value comes from implementing it in your own career.

Applying the advice might involve making changes to your resume, trying new networking strategies, or developing new skills. It might be challenging at times, but remember that career development is a journey. It takes time and effort, but the results can be incredibly rewarding.

By actively engaging with the content of career guidance experts, sharing their insights, and applying their advice, you can truly leverage social media for your career development. It’s a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can provide you with invaluable guidance and support on your career path.

Attend Virtual Events

Many career guidance experts host virtual events on social media platforms, such as webinars, live Q&As, or workshops. Attending these events can provide you with in-depth knowledge on specific topics, as well as opportunities to interact directly with the experts and other attendees.

These events can be incredibly valuable for your career development. They offer a more interactive and engaging learning experience compared to simply reading posts or articles. Plus, they often provide opportunities for networking, which can open up new career opportunities.

By actively engaging with the content of career guidance experts, sharing their insights, applying their advice, following relevant hashtags, and attending virtual events, you can truly leverage social media for your career development. It’s a powerful tool that, when used effectively, can provide you with invaluable guidance and support on your career path.

Follow Relevant Hashtags

Following relevant hashtags is another effective way to leverage social media for career guidance. Hashtags like #CareerAdvice, #JobSearchTips, or #Networking can lead you to valuable content from career guidance experts. By following these hashtags, you can stay updated on the latest advice and trends in your industry.

Following hashtags also allows you to participate in larger discussions and connect with a wider community of professionals. You can share your insights, learn from others, and even discover new career guidance experts to follow.

How to evaluate the credibility of career guidance experts on social media

Evaluating the credibility of career guidance experts on social media involves several steps:

  • Check Their Professional Background

Look for information about the expert’s professional background and qualifications. This could include their education, work experience, and any certifications or licenses they hold. They should have relevant experience in the field of career guidance. If this information is not readily available on their social media profiles, you may be able to find it on their personal or company website.

  • Assess Their Online Presence

Reliable career guidance experts should have a well-managed and monitored online presence. Their social media profiles should be professional and regularly updated with relevant content. They should engage with their followers by responding to comments and participating in discussions. They should also respect the confidentiality, privacy, and boundaries of their clients and colleagues.

  • Evaluate Their Content

The content shared by the expert should be relevant, accurate, and helpful. They should provide advice based on current trends and best practices in career development. They should also acknowledge the sources of their information and avoid plagiarism or copyright infringement7.

  • Look for Signs of Trustworthiness

Trustworthiness is a key aspect of credibility. Signs of trustworthiness could include positive testimonials or reviews from clients, endorsements from other professionals in the field, and a large following on social media. However, be cautious of overly positive or vague reviews, as they may not be genuine.

  • Beware of Red Flags

Red flags could include inconsistent or vague answers to questions, a lack of communication, or a history of unethical behavior. If the expert makes unrealistic promises or guarantees, this could also be a red flag. Additionally, be wary of experts who focus more on self-promotion than on providing valuable advice.

  • Use Fact-Checking Skills

Stanford scholars suggest that skepticism may be more useful than knowledge or old-fashioned research skills when evaluating the credibility of information online. They found that fact-checkers were the fastest and most accurate at evaluating information, while historians and students were easily deceived by unreliable sources.

Evaluating the credibility of career guidance experts on social media requires a careful assessment of their professional background, online presence, content, trustworthiness, and any potential red flags. It also involves applying critical thinking and fact-checking skills to verify the accuracy of their advice.


Social media has made career guidance more accessible than ever. By following these career guidance experts, you can gain valuable insights and advice to help navigate your career path. Remember, the key to benefiting from their guidance is active engagement and application of their advice. So start following these experts today and take your career to new heights!

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