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Promotion Dates In Ghana Education Service

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has set dates for promoting teachers and non-teaching staff. Understanding these dates is essential for career progression. However, there have been concerns about the clarity and consistency of these promotion timelines.

For new teachers starting with a Diploma in Basic Education, the promotion path is as follows:

  • September 2020 = PSH14 Point 1
  • September 2021 = PSH14 Point 2
  • September 2022 = PSH14 Point 3
  • September 2023 = PSH14 Point 4
  • September 2024 = PSH14 Point 5
  • September 2025 = PSH14 Point 6

According to GES guidelines, teachers are promoted every four years. Teachers should apply for promotion after completing three years of service, starting their fourth year. Delays in applying can lead to setbacks and affect motivation.

Administrative issues within the GES can delay the promotion process, pushing the effective promotion date further. Salary increases are tied to these promotions, so timely applications are crucial for financial and career growth.

In 2020, GES changed the promotion process. Teachers aiming for positions such as Principal Superintendent, Assistant Director II, Assistant Director I, and Deputy Director now take aptitude tests instead of interviews. Those applying for headship positions need to pass both an aptitude test and an interview. This change was welcomed because interviews often made candidates nervous and did not always reflect their true abilities.

In 2019, the promotion process for many teachers was incomplete. Teachers due for promotion who applied in July 2019 did not receive updates on interviews or tests, resulting in no promotions that year.

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Now, teachers last promoted in 2014 or earlier are eligible for promotion. The GES needs to decide how to handle aptitude tests for these two groups. If both groups take the test together, promotions might be backdated. However, managing and grading a large number of tests could be challenging.

The delay in deciding between interviews and tests contributed to the promotion delays. Teachers are still waiting for test dates and study materials, hoping the new process will not cause further delays or favoritism.

The GES should expedite the promotion process by announcing test dates and study areas. Teachers deserve timely promotions, and unions should advocate for their members during these delays. stands as a specialized blog concentrating on education, committed to delivering reliable Ghana Education News. We offer the latest developments concerning the Ghana Education Service, WASSCE, and BECE exams. Our coverage includes…

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