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GNAT Urges Government to Speed Up Negotiations for Teachers’ Conditions

The General Secretary of the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), Thomas Musah, has called on the government to expedite negotiations regarding teachers’ conditions of service. Musah emphasized that teachers have endured hardship for too long and that it is crucial for the government to reach an agreement immediately.

In an interview on the Ghana Tonight show on TV3 on May 15, Musah stressed the urgency of addressing the teachers’ concerns. He highlighted the difficult circumstances teachers face, including dangerous conditions on the Volta Lake, and insisted that the government must act swiftly to improve their situation.

This appeal follows a petition filed by teacher unions in the Central Region, expressing frustration with the slow pace of negotiations. The unions pointed out the severe economic hardships affecting their members and demanded that the government fulfill its promises regarding various allowances.

The petition listed four key allowances that need urgent attention:

  1. The Deprived Area allowance
  2. The Extra Assessment allowance
  3. The Book/Data/Online Teaching support allowance
  4. An increase in the CPD allowance

The unions stated that despite reducing their demands from seventeen allowances to four, the government has shown little progress, leading to widespread discontent among teachers. They warned that if the government fails to address these issues promptly, they will take further action and hold the government accountable for any disruptions.

Signatories to the Petition:

  • Abdulai Baba Yussif, Regional Secretary, GNAT
  • Madam Salamatu Gausu, Regional Chairman, NAGRAT
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