Ghana’s Isaac Amoako To Read For 6 Days Nonstop – Guinness World Records Officially Confirms

Ghanaian Isaac Amoako, a recent graduate from the University of Education (Winneba), has achieved a groundbreaking feat by securing approval from Guinness World Records for his ambitious endeavor to read aloud continuously for an impressive six days.

In an exclusive interview with the media, Amoako expressed his elation upon receiving the confirmation email, marking a proud moment in his life as he aspires to break the reading-aloud marathon record.

Currently unemployed, Amoako’s passion for reading and the inspiration drawn from the prevalent reliance on social media in today’s generation have fueled his dream. The confirmation from Guinness World Records has ignited a sense of pride and excitement, setting the stage for a challenging yet fulfilling endeavor.

Isaac Amoako aims to read between 145 to 150 hours nonstop in the upcoming reading marathon, projecting optimism about leaving an indelible mark in the realm of literary achievements. His decision to attempt this record-breaking feat is rooted in his observation of the youth’s increasing focus on social media, and he sees it as a unique way to promote and reignite interest in the art of reading beyond the digital realm.

Set against the backdrop of Rysbai Isakov’s current record of 124 hours in Bursa, Turkey, Amoako’s ambitious goal carries the weight of surpassing this benchmark. Isakov’s dedication to reading the “Manas epic” has set a high standard for Amoako’s journey, scheduled to commence on March 5th.

As Amoako steps into this challenging venture, he not only carries the weight of personal ambition but also the aspiration to inspire others to rediscover the joy of reading. The journey ahead is poised to be a significant moment in literary accomplishments, showcasing the dedication and passion of a young Ghanaian determined to make a mark in the Guinness World Records. stands as a specialized blog concentrating on education, committed to delivering reliable Ghana Education News. We offer the latest developments concerning the Ghana Education Service, WASSCE, and BECE exams. Our coverage includes…

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