Dangote Ranks 9th On List Of Top 10 Richest Manufacturing Billionaires In The World

Aliko Dangote, Africa’s wealthiest man, has secured the 9th spot on the 2023 list of the richest manufacturing billionaires in the world.

As per CEOWorld magazine, Aliko Dangote, has a net worth of $10.5 billion. This makes him stand tall as the sole African representative on the list of richest manufactures.

Aliko Dangote, who is 66 years old uses much of his financial success, on his cement business which he has 85.2% majority share in it.

About Dangote

Commencing his entrepreneurial journey in the early 1980s with a modest loan from his uncle, Dangote has since developed an extensive conglomerate with interests spanning cement, sugar, flour, salt, and various other sectors. The Dangote Group currently operates in 10 African countries across a diversified range of industries, including Dangote Cement, Dangote Flour, and Dangote Sugar.

In a recent online interview, Dangote emphasized the transformative power of manufacturing in alleviating poverty by generating substantial employment opportunities. The Nigerian billionaire highlighted the notable per capita GDP of nations like Singapore and South Korea, far smaller than Nigeria, attributing their economic success to robust industrialization.

Dangote conveyed, “Manufacturing is undeniably crucial for industrialization. No nation has achieved ‘developed nation status’ without a flourishing manufacturing sector. It serves as the cornerstone for inclusive economic growth and development,” as reported by BusinessDay in 2022.

List of Manufacturing Billionaires

Reinhold Wuerth & family: $25.7 billion

Michael Hartono‌: $22.3 billion

He Xiangjian & family: $21.2 billion

Takemitsu Takizaki: $18.7 billion

James Ratcliffe: $18.2 billion

Goh Cheng Liang: $11.3 billion

Li Shuirong: $10.9 billion

Viktor Rashnikov: $10.5 billion

Aliko Dangote: $10.5 billion

Anthony Pratt: $9.8 billion

These billionaires have employed thousands of workers in the manufacturing industry. Using the skills of these workers, they companies are able to make millions of dollars each month.

Business owned by Aliko Dangote.

Dangote Cement

This is most popular business of Aliko Dangote. It is a subsidiary of the Dangote Group and it is one of the largest cement producers in Africa. Dangote Cement operates in several African countries and is a major player in the global cement industry. The company sells more products in Nigeria than any other country.

Dangote Sugar Refinery

Aliko Dangote is also involved in sugar production through Dangote Sugar Refinery, which is one of the leading sugar producers in Nigeria.

Dangote Flour Mills

Another subsidiary of the Dangote Group, this company is involved in the processing and production of flour and related products.

Dangote Salt

Dangote is a major player in the salt industry, producing and distributing salt in Nigeria and beyond.

Dangote Refinery

This is also a massive oil refinery project in Africa. It is one of the largest refineries in the world, processing crude oil into various refined petroleum products.


It is quite clear that Aliko Dangote has contributed a lot to society. He has helped a lot. Some of his impacts include;

Job Creation: Aliko Dangote’s businesses, especially in sectors like cement, sugar, and flour, have contributed to job creation on a large scale to many youths. The employment generated by the Dangote Group has helped alleviate unemployment in the regions where his companies operate.

Economic Development: The Dangote Group has played a crucial role in the economic development of Nigeria and other African countries. By investing in various industries, Dangote has contributed to the growth of local economies and has been instrumental in developing the industrial sector.

Infrastructure Development: The Dangote Group’s investments in sectors like cement have supported infrastructure development. The production and distribution of cement, for instance, have been essential for the construction of roads, bridges, and other critical infrastructure projects.

Entrepreneurship: Aliko Dangote’s success story has served as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in Africa. His achievements highlight the potential for local entrepreneurs to build successful businesses and contribute to economic development.

Promotion of Local Industries: Dangote has actively promoted and invested in local industries. His focus on producing goods locally has not only contributed to self-sufficiency but has also stimulated the growth of other industries in the supply chain.

Global Business Representation: Aliko Dangote has become a prominent figure in global business, representing African entrepreneurship on the international stage. His success has helped reshape perceptions of African business capabilities and potentials.

Government Collaboration: Dangote has collaborated with governments on various projects, aligning his business interests with national development goals. This collaboration has facilitated public-private partnerships that aim to address key challenges and promote sustainable development. stands as a specialized blog concentrating on education, committed to delivering reliable Ghana Education News. We offer the latest developments concerning the Ghana Education Service, WASSCE, and BECE exams. Our coverage includes…

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