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2024 Salary Payment Dates For GES Teachers And Workers

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) has officially communicated the salary payment schedule for Ghana Education Service (GES) teachers and workers on the Government of Ghana payroll system throughout 2024.

This information comes from a memorandum signed by Kwasi Kwaning-Bosompem, Acting Controller & Accountant-General, emphasizing the importance of this announcement for all concerned parties and stakeholders.

The memo outlines that all public employees associated with the Controller & Accountant-General’s Department in 2024, which includes civil servants and members of the Ghana Education Service (GES), can expect to receive their salaries and wages on the specified dates.

In essence, this means that civil servants, employees of the Ghana Education Service, and other public servants will receive their remuneration as per the designated payment dates outlined in the memo. This proactive communication aims to ensure that all relevant individuals and entities are informed and prepared for the upcoming salary disbursements.

The outlined schedule is as follows:

  • January and February salaries: 22nd of each month
  • March and September salaries: 26th of each month
  • April, July, and November salaries: 25th of each month
  • May, June, and August salaries: 27th of each respective month
  • October salaries: 24th
  • December salaries: 19th

The Controller and Accountant General’s Department assures stakeholders that any changes to the provided dates will be promptly communicated to relevant authorities, including Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Assemblies, and respective banks.

This release is expected to bring clarity and transparency to the salary payment process for civil servants in Ghana. It serves as a guide for employees to plan their finances, with the assurance that any updates will be communicated promptly as the specified dates approach. The information is deemed valuable for all participants in the public service payroll system in Ghana. stands as a specialized blog concentrating on education, committed to delivering reliable Ghana Education News. We offer the latest developments concerning the Ghana Education Service, WASSCE, and BECE exams. Our coverage includes…

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