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2023 School Placement For 2023 BECE Graduates; All Details Here

The 2023 school placement, also known as the CSSPS is set to commence on 24th November, 2023. All 2023 BECE Graduates who have passed their 2023 Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) will be placed in various senior high schools across the country.

In Ghana, all Senior High Schools have been grouped into three main categories; A, B and C.

Category A schools are the best in Ghana. There are only 54 of such schools in Ghana. Students who had better aggregates in the 2023 BECE would be placed in these schools. However, when WAEC uses the stamine grading system, other candidates whose aggregates aren’t that good can also get such schools.

What To Do When The Placement Results Are Released

It is quite simple. When the school placement results are out, all what you have to do is to buy a voucher and check your placement results at the website provided below.

How To Check 2023 BECE Placement Results

The placement results are not yet out. However, when it is released, here is how to check yours.

First of all, visit the CSSPS website.

Enter your index number followed by 23. This means add 23 to your ten-digit index number to proceed.

Enter your PIN and Serial number in the spaces provided. (How to buy this has been specified in this article)

Finally, check if everything is correct and click submit. Patiently wait for the results of the placement to pup up.

6.  If you were successfully placed, print form out the school placement.

SHS 1 Reporting Date

SHS 1 students will be reporting to school on 4th December, 2023. This is the first admission date for the 2023/2024 academic year for SHS 1 students.

It should be noted that before you go to the school, you must be well prepared. The Ghana Education Service has released the approved prospectus that must be used by all senior high schools in Ghana.

This prospectus contains list of items that but be bought by Freshers as part of their admission requirements.

The items on the list is less expensive. The burden on many parents have been reduced because of the National SHS Prospectus.

According to the minister of Education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum, the president of Ghana introduced the free SHS education because in order to Relief burden from parents. This means, items on the Prospectus must also be cheap in order to allow parents to purchase them easily.

SHS 1 National Prospectus

Studying the National prospectus, students are only to submit a valid national health insurance card, Ghana Card(if any), two passport pictures, birth certificate, a trunk or suitcase, wooden Chop Box, cup, plate Cup, set of cutlery, Toiletries (1 Deodorant, 1 pack T-roll, tooth paste, tooth brush, Soap, pomade and 2 packs of sanitary pads for 4 girls), Decent sandals (school’s specification) No embellishment, A pair of leather slippers (school’s specification)
Decent Sneakers (black or white), 2 Pair of Socks (school’s specification), 1 Pyjamas/sleep wear, Under wear (5 pants and 3 vests for girls, 3 boxer shorts or pants & 3 Singlets for boys), 1 Plastic Bucket with Cover and Pail, Bible or Quran, hymn book, Pillow covered with Mackintosh, 2 Students’ bedsheets, 1 Blanket & Sleeping cloth, a Pair of Khaki Trousers, a pair of White Trousers, White dress for ladies, 2 White Shirts, Student’s size mosquito net, 1 School bag, 1 Mathematical Set & Scientific Calculator, Standard Graph Book, 1 Cutlass.

Aside these, the school will ask you to provide some detergents, brooms, cutlass and other cleaning materials.

Free senior high school Education in Ghana is now completely free.

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